Three Gisborne Wines To Be Tried in New Zealand

New Zealand is not only beaches, surfing and exotic routes. For more than 20 years the country has been attracting true connoisseurs of fine wines. If you belong to experts in this field or simply adore the winemaking art and wine itself, do not miss Gisborne Wine & Food Festival, which is traditionally held in October. It is worth visiting to try best wines produced in the region, meet like-minded persons and just have fun. So what to expect from Gisborne wines and what are they?

Matawhero Wines

No doubt, this sort of wines is the most expected at the festival. It belongs to fabulous Gisborne drinks with long history and good traditions. This trademark takes a place of honor on the wine card of New Zealand, as it changed the attitude to the country’s winemaking forever. The boutique established by Bill Irwin in far 1968 produces excellent wines, which are much loved by local inhabitants and tourists.

At the festival visitors savour 5 traditional kinds of Matawhero. They are:

  • Pinot Gris – with the flavour of berries and honeysuckle.
  • Chardonnay – transferring all the fullness of ripe grapes.
  • Pinot Rosé – having notes of strawberry and cherry.
  • Merlot – an impressive red wine with atypical hints of toasty oak and leather.
  • Pinot Noir – a well-known drink in a new role, which can be recognized by flavours of cherry, a black currants syrupy liqueur and oak.

Note that the great-grandfather of these wines was called Gewürztraminer, which was highly appreciated by the Queen.

Millton Vineyards & Winery Products

Millton Vineyards & Winery is one of the venues offered for visiting during Gisborne Wine & Food Festival, and this is not by chance. Since 1984 a small family enterprise has grown into a great producer of organic wine. In the present day, this direction in winery is gaining more weight than ever.

Organic production is the requirement in the modern civilized world and defines the level of wellbeing. It is more expensive, but consumers are more likely to buy organic products than their non-organic analogs. The reason is simple – it is natural and healthy.

Drinking wine produced in the Millton Winery, you may be sure that it is made of grapes, which have never been grown with use of herbicides and harmful fertilisers.

The Gisborne Garagiste Wines

A collection of wines produced by Gisborne Garagiste Wine Company is on the list of must-be-tried wines of New Zealand origin. Their elegant presentation and tastes speak for themselves expressing the vision of winemakers who have founded the label in 2012 to prove that Gisborne is the birthplace of quality wine.

The following ones are considered to be celebrities within Gisborne Garagiste wines:

  • Chardonnay – has got distinct tropical fruit notes and toasty oak aroma.
  • Viognier – impresses with balanced flavours including fruit and floral hints.
  • Gewurztraminer –  is a drink for sophisticated palates rendering rose aroma and spicy notes.
  • St Laurent – combines flavours of summer forest berries, ripe fruit and spices.

Three sorts of Gisborne wines presented in this article do not make the complete range of drinks served at Gisborne Wine & Food Festival. However, they are legendary ones and should be obligatory on the list of those who appreciate history and old traditions.