Gisborne Wine and Food Festival: Participants and Their Cuisine

We all know where the best music, folk, tulip, and kite festivals are held. But what about food and wine festivals? Where can you taste the most delicate cuisine and the sweetest wine?

For all gourmets and foodies, we recommend visiting Gisborne, New Zealand this year. The reason is simple – Gisborne Wine and Food Festival. Every year, hundreds of people come here to taste the most extravagant and interesting recipes from the selected amount of restaurants. Only the best chefs are allowed to present their food to the toughest critics – visitors. Gisborne is a wine region. At the festival, the local wineries present the most notable examples of their products. Once in a year, Gisborne becomes a place filled with rivers of wine, tons of food, and multiple music performances. Visiting it can be an ideal present for your soulmate’s birthday.

From Pork Ribs to Vegetarian Sushi

Gisborne Wine and Food Festival has something to the taste of everyone. Here the best restaurants present both vegetarian and meat-eating cuisines. Among the restaurants who have worked on the festival are:

  • Smoke House Cuisine. It is a food place, which is specified in smoking meat with unusual flavors. Their specialty is pork ribs with BBQ sauce, mixed with orange, kaffir lime, and chili flavors.
  • The Kitchen Sisters has impressed festival visitors with beef Brisket, homemade mayo, and home smoked salmon. This restaurant makes chich dishes from simple everyday recipes.
  • The Gisborne Deli always provides something completely different and innovative. The restaurant’s menu looks like a list of the most delicious ingredients. It offers beef sausage rolls, ham and onion jam sandwich, smoked salmon, smoky bacon, mushrooms filled with spinach and feta, beef mignon, vegetarian sushi, and much more. Every dish literally makes your mouth water.
  • The Vines Bushmere Estate. This place serves Pacific Rim cuisine with local taste. Here you should definitely try two main dishes – beef cheeks and mussel and smoked salmon eclair.
  • Torere Macadamias is specializing in providing New Zealand market with the best sorts of macadamias. What you have to taste here is definitely something local. Try hot salt roast macadamias with a glass of wine or a pit of beer and hot roast macadamias with coffee or ice cream.
  • Wharf Cafe, Bar & Restaurant is a family business. Thus, it offers very familiar but very chic recipes at the same time. Restaurant visitors are offered to taste fresh oysters, crispy fried chicken, Caesar salad, mushroom & spinach risotto, fish and chips, etc.
  • Yoko’Sushi. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine – Yoko’Sushi is a good place to visit in New Zealand. At the festival, the restaurant has served a wide range of different Japanese dishes like tuna mayo sushi, vegetarian sushi, karaage chicken sushi, curry and rice, fresh salmon, etc.

Gisborne Wine and Food Festival is a colorful, fun, and delicious event for every family.