Something About Gisborne

Gisborne is the easternmost city in the world. If you ever decide to see sunrise first, then you definitely have to travel there. If you decide to go to Gisborne in May and get there during the long Labor Weekend, then there is nothing left to do on Sunday except to try the excellent food and wine offered at the Food and Wine Festival that day.

Food and Wine Festival in Gisborne, New Zealand

The Food and Wine Festival first started to be organized sometime in the last century. For two decades, this festival has been held and every year it is only getting better and better, because of its support by online casino sites for New Zealand players. In addition to the great wine selection, you can try, the extraordinary chefs visiting this festival who will prepare specialties for you that go perfectly with all the wines you can imagine. Although an official festival is held on Sunday, there are a lot of activities and events that begin on Saturday or the day before.

As part of the festival, you have the opportunity to visit the vineyards and taste the wines that are produced there. If you decide you can even ride bikes to go to the vineyard.

In addition to the main events, even more, intimate events have evolved with a time. They are organized by small wineries within the festival. These are mostly wine and food tastings as part of the city’s wine bars.

It is very interesting that at this festival you can get to know many celebrities, great chefs, and popular wineries and have a great time talking to them and learning new stuff.

In addition to all the fun, we have to wonder, what’s happening more during this festival. Of course, the festival itself is not just a fun-filled character. Here come the wineries from almost all over the world presenting their wines, and that is a very good commercial. Besides that, there is also a competition part of the festival itself. The jury, made by renowned wine experts, evaluates the wines and also proclaimed the winner. That, in addition to all the fun, makes this festival even more interesting. Do not you still want to find out which is the best wine you’ve been drinking that day?

Other Activities During The Festival

When you decide to visit Gisborne, it will be a long way. And for a long journey, you never go for one or two days. When preparing for the trip, you will wonder what you can do to fill your time except drinking wine and eating food.

During the festival, many activities are offered. One of the most popular and noted activities is gambling. It is already known to many that during the festival you can try your luck. The sponsor of these activities is Online Casino. They, besides the equipment and the ambient, will provide for these couple of nights a lot of fun you will experience while trying your luck.

So what do you still need? Food, drinks, celebrities that you can meet, having fun and enjoying beautiful sunsets in the morning on the coasts of New Zealand. To make you feel even better, Gisborne and its surroundings offer you over 20 hotels, approximately 60 restaurants and many of the destinations you can visit after festivals such as Rere falls and Rere rockslides.

Gisborne Food and Wine Festival is something you should put on your checklist for travel in the coming period.